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Alton Emergency Room Errors Attorneys

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Recent studies have shown that overcrowding and understaffing in emergency rooms has led to an increase in emergency room errors. The time that it takes to be seen by a doctor has only increased and with that increase has come more mistakes in triaging and diagnosing patients. If you or a loved one has been injured or impacted by an emergency room error, it is essential that you seek counsel from an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

At Mormino, Velloff & Snider, P.C., in Alton, Illinois, our lawyers understand the emotions that can accompany an injury resulting from an emergency room error. We have decades of combined experience handling all types of personal injury and medical malpractice matters for clients who are attempting to recover from their injuries and losses.

Medical Malpractice in Emergency Rooms

The sickest patients in emergency rooms are not always the ones who are seen first. Triage nurses and other medical personnel making assessments are not always correct in their decisions. This can lead to the misdiagnosis of major, life-threatening conditions such as a heart attack or stroke. Emergency room mistakes can also include surgery mistakes and surgical errors, failure to diagnose, failure to treat and other negligence. Any increase in wait time can increase the likelihood of death from a condition. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are responsible for being vigilant and keeping up with patients in emergency rooms.

Emergency medicine specialists, commonly called ER doctors, are medical doctors who specialize in emergency care. However, not all of these doctors are board certified through the Board of Emergency Medicine, which can contribute to their lack of preparation and attentiveness in the ER. This certification is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties and requires extensive and specialized training.

Chaos in the ER

High-stress and chaotic environments are more likely to facilitate a mistake, misdiagnosis or medication error. Slower treatment, which is likely when doctors are frantically tending to other patients, can also contribute to worsened conditions and slower or more difficult recoveries.

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